The Winter Slipped In, The Winter Slipped Away image

The Winter Slipped In, The Winter Slipped Away

The Misses and I began 2013 knowing we were in for some Big Changes. Good changes, but even good changes carry a sense of foreboding when they involve sugeries that liquify excess bone from one's wife.

Most of the footage was shot at Burning Man (see my photoset) this year at the stunning Temple of Whollyness. The Temple is, to me, probably the most important thing Burning Man offers - a safe place to let go. As people write apologies, leave ashes and create dioramas for loved ones, the Temple becomes a home for the things we wish we had said before our parent/friend/daughter/wife passed away. It's the beauty of sadness that makes the Temple so special.

Outside the Temple of Whollyness

I couldn't have shot this anywhere besides Burning Man without getting weird looks while carrying a limp body around. I didn't think of it at the time, but it is odd how unconcerned people were with the situation. I hadn't alerted anyone that we were acting and that there was no cause for concern, and people graciously let us have space for our experience with acceptance, not apathy. I think this is one of the freedoms of Burning Man that I enjoy the most, the ability to Do Things As You Will.

It's my second music video that I've made, and I have a few more planned. The first, Time Sipping My Dripping Eyes, follows a similar sort of approach - me setting up shots then jumping in front of the camera to act it out. I couldn't have done it without my lovely wife, who is surprisingly good at playing dead, my good friend Mikey who helped film, and my Alesis Andromeda, which I'm beginning to have a sort-of relationship with. Expect to hear more from the analog beast soon.

Inside the Temple of Whollyness

I hope you enjoy it. The song can be downloaded from my SoundCloud page.