Larch Mountain

My awesome wife and I made the mistake of hiking Larch Mountain on the hottest day of the year with camelbaks full of a delicious water/playa dust mixture. Apparently forgetting to clean our camelbaks after last year's burn meant not only that our water tasted like turquoise kitchen paint…

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Absinthe Spoons

For Burning Man this year we're giving away absinthe spoons. They were initially concepted by Tamara Goldsmith and Darren Linder, designed by Wendi Anderson, prepared by Lucas Swick and manufactured by Ponoko. View the full picture set on Flickr. Wendi sketched the designs on paper, and I used Illustrator to…

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Mangia! Mangia May 18

Getting home was not easy. The very first airport had no record of our trip, and Mrs AwesomePants spent a good half hour on the phone with Delta tracking our information down. This is never a good start to a journey. We did manage to get everything under control, and…

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