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Lisa and Tom get Married

Two of my favorite people married each other, and I travelled up to Edmonton to share in the joy and excitement. I also wanted to take a few pictures, because people at weddings are uncommonly smiley, dressed up and having fun (especially as the night progresses, ie alcohol).

It was a phenomenal event. The ceremony, in Mill Creek Ravine, was absolutely delightful. It may go down in history as one of the most quick and efficient ceremonies ever, but each moment was full of love. Lisa and Tom wrote their own vows, and alternated saying each one between them. It was very sweet, and I couldn't be happier for Lisa because Tom is such a great guy.

I unfortunately didn't catch many photos of the ceremony itself, partly because there was a Real Photographer there and I didn't want to be in her way. However, when we hit the reception, her and I found a good rhythm and had enough space to shoot freely in. I hope.

This was the first really good test I've had with my new flash - a Canon Speedlite 430EX II, as the reception was in one of those dark-and-dim places that's super good on the mood-scale but pure havok for photographers. Between the flash and Lightroom's Fill Light feature, I was able to shoot fast enough to have crisp details without losing natural skin tones. I really have to give it to the Lightroom team - they've made some incredible software. It's the first thing I recommend to aspiring photographers to invest in (followed by a really good lens - these are all shot with a Canon 50mm f/1.4 prime lens, the same lens I took with me to Burning Man last year).

The entire picture set can be found on my flickr page here.

Congratulations Lisa and Tom! You guys are the Best!