The Temple of Whollyness

Edmonton 2012

One of my favorite things about living in Portland is how eager people are to cater to your own individual needs and preferences. For instance, my awesome wife and I have some pretty strict dietary limitations, but still have many options of places to eat. Vegan-gluten-free-sugar-free dessert? Check. Gluten-free-lactose-free pizza? Roger. If we wanted to eat donuts with maple frosting and bacon on top, we'd simply have to decide which location we're closest to.

However, this makes travel somewhat difficult. During previous trips to visit my family in Edmonton (It's in Canada, about 8 hours north of when you start to think 'this is cold enough'), I've often had to explain that yes, eggs are an animal product and that no, I'd rather not have any. It's gotten better over the years as people become more dietary aware, but in general I put on my brave face and dive into Edmonton knowing that I'm probably going to eat nothing but cliff bars and salads.

So, during my last trip up, I was very excited that my Aunt and Uncle were throwing a little BBQ - mainly because it's so rare that I get to see so much of my family (miss you guys!) but also because there was a delicious cous-cous salad that my brother made,  veggie chicken burgers, grilled veggies, and some amazing corn. I ate my face off, then went back for seconds.

The trip also provided opportunity for a few photos. We don't see skies like this in Portland.

Two of my nieces being extra adorable.

My baba (that's Ukranian for grandmother), who has stories and sweetness.