Studio Renovation

My studio has been quite the mess.

One of the problems I have with my music studio is that synthesizers take up a lot of horizontal real estate. Even when they’re stacked, it’s a big footprint, and up until now I’ve had keyboards leaning against a wall to try to fit everything in my tiny bedroom. It was an ungodly mess, and just being in such a cluttered room was halting my creativity.

I finally decided to fix it by mounting a keyboard vertically on the wall. It’s an unusual position to find a keyboard and not one I’ve seen before, probably because it’s not really ‘playable.’ But I am more of a keyboard programmer than a keyboard player, and, when I do feel the need to play, everything’s connected with midi so playing a horizontal keyboard can trigger sounds from the wall-mounted keyboard quite easily. So there’s really very little need to keep the synths laying flat.

Mounting a keyboard on a wall keeps it usable without using a lot of space. Win-win.

What I love most about this is the keyboards become almost like a work of art. I’ve always loved the design of my keyboards (I have refused to buy a roland because I think they’re ugly) and mounting them like this makes a statement something like “I’m Beautiful, look at me. Now touch me.”

Anyways, the process started in Sketchup (where I found my actual studio monitors, display, and one of my keyboards already made as 3D models), followed by some time in the shop where I wished I had a band saw to cut the rounded sections of the lower brackets, and finally followed by the actual mounting and massive cleaning of my studio. The mounts use a french cleat system so I can easily build and hang new brackets if I ever want to switch the keyboards around. It’s also a screw-less system so popping the synth out for a show doesn’t require any tools.

Now I’m ready to write some music!





The Winter Slipped In, The Winter Slipped Away

The Winter Slipped In, The Winter Slipped Away is my second music video. Check it out!