The Temple of Whollyness

Absinthe Spoons

For Burning Man this year we're giving away absinthe spoons. They were initially concepted by Tamara Goldsmith and Darren Linder, designed by Wendi Anderson, prepared by Lucas Swick and manufactured by Ponoko. View the full picture set on Flickr.

Wendi sketched the designs on paper, and I used Illustrator to recreate the designs digitally. I tried a few different approaches, as it was difficult to create the right flow of Wendi's smooth organic shapes. At first I thought a liberal use of the pathfinder would be the best solution, but that didn't quite work right because many of the shapes are subtly altered as opposed to merely shrinking or enlarging. Then I tried using the pen tool, but that ended in a case of 'why doesn't illustrator let me move this one anchor point just a teeny bit?' Finally I used the blob brush to trace the main lines and then tweaked the negative spaces by hand. This approach worked great, and soon we had all four designs finished.